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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Beading Daily Bracelet Swap: April 2010

Organizer: Lois
Due date: April 16, 2010
1. Moira to Marie
2. Lita to Kia
3. Jeni to Carol-Anne
4. Kirsten to Pat
5. Dagi to Inca
6. Lody to Andrea
7. Kelly to Jeni
8. Evalie to Mary
9. Inca to Lody
10. Mary to Vicki
11. Vicki to Chrystallinya
12. Ann to Laurel
13. Cat to Moira
14. Carol-Anne to Cat
15. Melinda to Lois
16. Lina to Kelly
17. Lois to Christina
18. Lois to Ann
19. Andrea to Evalie
20. Christina to Dagi
21. Laurel to Lina
22. Tamara to Lita

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  1. Your collage pages are awesome! Love the idea and thanks for putting them together!


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